Zagato Perana Z-one in Europe in 2011

Slip by several months of marketing Perani Z-One, the custom-built “affordable” created by the collaboration between South Africa and the Milanese coach builder Perani Motor Company during the 90 years of signing Zagato: to be introduced in Europe in March of 2011, while first markets in which will be available will be the U.S., UK and South Africa, starting from late 2010.

After obtaining the versions that meet the stringent California emission regulations for engines from 442 hp LS3 6.2 V8 from the General Motors, Perani Motor Company is taking steps to obtain certification Euro 5 on the European market. The approval process is underway in parallel in the United Kingdom and South Africa, united by two right-hand drive markets, where the first units – built in South Africa at a rate of 2 cars per month – will arrive in November.

The peculiarity of Perani Z-One is to be a car craftsmanship, a true custom-built, but had a reasonable price. When it was unveiled at Geneva in 2009, Zagato and Perani announced a base of just 50,000 euros excluding tax. However, due to the depreciation of the euro and the pound (about 30%) the final price will rise to 79,000 euros including taxes. A figure still very tasty for a car limited edition (999 copies), hand-made and especially with supercar performance: 0 to 100 km / h in under 4 seconds, a top speed of 299 km / h.

How do you make so expensive (relatively) little car that has a right to call in places like Villa Este and Pebble Beach? First development of the design was conducted with a computer, thus avoiding the costly and laborious preparation of maquete to scale. A process that has allowed Perani to complete the first concept in just four months. On the Italian-African coaches also will be minimized controls electronic security (of course keeping those required by law such as ABS) and will be available only 6-speed manual transmission. The engine was chosen for a unit that ensures top performance with a relatively low industrial cost, while the shell of fiberglass (no carbon) wraps a trellis frame of steel pipes which although less expensive than aluminum and fiber composite ensures a dry weight limited to 1195 kg and a power to weight ratio of 2.71 kg / hp. All geared to short driving experience more pure, no frills, but with a silhouette by Zagato. A nice advantage

Zagato Perana Z-one in Europe in 2011
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