The Audi Q3 Fever

For a car that made waves even before it was officially launched, Audi Q3 is a machine to reckon with. Being introduced by the renowned Audi AG of Germany, Audi Q3 is being slated as one of the best in the class of sport utility vehicles offered by Audi till date.

Belonging to the SUV class, this five door coupe is increasing the temperatures for all the Audi’s competitors. Considered the latest feather in Audi’s hat, Q3 is tagged as having an aesthetically pleasing design, combining a transverse engine layout with flexible steering and suspension. Audi Q3 is being positioned as a lifestyle car, a typical adventure ride, rather than a family car like the previous Audi models.

Audi Q3 belongs to the Volkswagen Group A5 (PQ35) platform and boasts of a front engine, four wheel-drive and offers a QUATTRO AWD system. It is being made available in two distinct engine variants – the 2.0L TFSI I4 and the 2.0L TDI diesel I4. Audi Q3 would also come with the options of having either a 6 speed manual transmission or a 7-speed dual clutch S Tronic transmission.

Smooth, sleek and a streamlined design make the Q3 very pleasant to look at. Plush, well crafted interiors, wheel size, ample space and sufficient ground clearance make this compact crossover a must have for this season. The German manufacturer revealed that the production for the Audi Q3 is expected to begin this summer, at the assembling unit in Martorell, Spain with a target of producing eighty thousand units per years.

The Audi Q3 is expected to stand in direct opposition of the BMW X1 expected in the market at the same time. The compact SUV is being compared with the similarly – sized BMW X1 in terms of its design and performance. The Q3 will go head-on, banking heavily on its key feature of superior style, sportier yet sophisticated design and better fuel efficiency than the earlier Audi models. Audi Q3 packs its compact form with many stylish customized features such as front ventilated, rear disk brakes, parking sensors, traction control, dual zone climate control AC, steering adjustment (both rake and reach), and many more.

Recent times have seen declining sales for car manufacturers. The impact of the same has also been felt by all the SUV class car manufacturers across the world. Audi is looking at Audi Q3 as the means for a way out of these difficult times. Audi q3 is a crossover coupe that would serve the growing desire in the public for smaller and more compact cars. Audi is targeting niche markets with this car specially with the purpose of achieving its sales targets in this quarter.

Exemplary form, versatile and trendy look, make Audi Q3 a desirable acquisition The Audi Q3 is also expected to be a little easier on the pockets of those car enthusiasts, who are eagerly waiting in the wings to get their hands on this smart SUV. The Audi Q3 promises an exciting, exhilarating and at the same times a safer driving experience.

The Audi Q3 Fever
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