Audi A5 vs BMW 5 Series

Audi A5 and BMW 5 series have often been compared for their feature and performance. With the launch of Audi A5, Audi had at last returned to the compact executive coupe market. Manufactured by the world acclaimed Audi, the German car maker, and designed by Walter Maria De’ Silva, the Audi A5 is an elegant proficient piece of marvelous human engineering. The BMW 5 series was manufactured in 1972 as a mid size executive car and since then has appeared as either a sedan or a tourer over six generations.

The Audi A5 is available in the market in three different body styles – the two door coupe, two door convertible and the five door sedan. The BMW 5 series is available as either a sedan or a tourer in mid size/ executive car class.

The Audi A5 flaunts a longitudinal front engine layout with the option of front- wheel or a Quattro four wheel drive. It is based on the Modular Longitudinal Platform. Audi A5 has been provided with multiple engine variants – the 1.8L I4 Turbo FSI, 2.0L I4 Turbo FSI, the 3.2L V6 FSI, 4.2L V8 FSI, the 2.7L V6 TDI and the 3.0L V6 TDI. BMW 5 series also has 5 variants varying from 3 liter to 4.4 liter V8 engine and an in line 6- gasoline engine; with the FR layout it gives 240hp and greater fuel efficiency. It can boost up from 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds with top speed 242 mph.

Audi A5 lovers can choose between the available different transmission options, such as the six -speed manual or the six-speed tiptronic, the seven-speed S tronic or the eight-speed multi tronic. The BMW 5 series is available with a manual six speed transmission and an eight speed automatic transmission with front disk and rear disk brake system.

The Audi A5 has an all-wheel-drive system. Superior performance makes the Audi A5 create a league of its own. The BMW 5 series comes with new features like the twin scroll turbo chargers and the direct fuel injection system, which enables it to perform better and faster. The BMW 5 series also boasts of the BMW efficient dynamics technologies like brake energy regeneration, the electric power steering, active cruise control, parking assistant and many others.

The Audi A5 provides an exhilarating driving experience and excellent performance, making it the first choice for long distance journeys. The BMW 5 series presents charismatic and elegant machines, known to deliver powerful performances as well as being efficient fuel consumption alternative.

The BMW 5 series packed with high tech features and powerful engine makes for a sturdy and reliable companion on the road. However for those are looking for a more economical option while enjoying all the features and the smooth as well as efficiently performing car then Audi A5 should be the obvious choice.

The interiors are not of a much concern. Both the cars are sculpted with plush interiors which will take care of you well being seated. The only difference is the variation in the choice of the buyer.

Of course one should not forget that for an Audi lover the Audi A5 is the most efficient and powerful car in its segment. On the other hand the BMW fan will stress on the exhilarating speed and breath taking performance of the BMW 5 series.

Audi A5 vs BMW 5 Series
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