By obycode, LLC

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-03-13
  • Current Version: 2.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 31.37 MB
  • Developer: obycode, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
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SmartRules lets you easily create rules for SmartThings, so you can finally make your smart home smart! No more struggling to search through the published SmartApps to find something that meets your needs, or worse yet, trying to write the code yourself. With SmartRules, you just specify what should happen, when, and it does the rest. Want to turn on a light when motion is detected outside, it's after sunset and you're not home? No problem! Want to unlock the door when you arrive home, but only if there's a leak in your basement? Strange, but you can do it! Define a trigger, set some conditions, and specify the actions to take. Your devices are all organized and easy to work with. You can also quickly trigger rules with QuickTap. Add SmartRules to your Today Screen, and to your Apple Watch and quickly trigger a rule with a quick tap! Just add the "QuickTap" trigger to any rule, and it will show up in both of these convenient places. **Currently supported capabilities (see for details)** Acceleration sensors, Alarms, Batteries, Beacons, Buttons, Cameras, CO2 sensors, Color controls, Color temperature, CO detectors, Contact sensors, Dimmer switches, Door controllers, Energy meters, Humidity sensors, Illuminance sensors, Locks, Momentary switches, Motion sensors, Music players, pH sensors, Power meters, Presence sensors, Shock sensors, Sleep sensors, Smoke detectors, Speech synthesizers, Switches, Temperature sensors, Thermostats, Tones, Valves, Water sensors Show SmartThings who's boss with the all new SmartRules app. Don't hesitate to visit our support page or email for help with any trouble that you run into. We will happily assist with any issues :) * SmartThings and SmartApps are trademarks of SmartThings, Inc. Note that SmartRules currently only works with one location. You cannot define rules for multiple locations.



  • Why doesn't it work....(update)

    By JD605
    When I try to connect to my smartthings it says that I need to update to latest iOS and reinstall... I'm on iOS 11.2 on my iPhone X. Please fix this. I want my money back if it won't work. I found the solution myself, app works as expected now. Update. Trying to make it work with my Apple watch 3 and nothing will make the quick taps show up. Multiple emails with no response.
  • No Nest Support

    By DualYellow
    Seems like a great app if you only want to control devices which connect directly to your ST account. I was unable to create a rule which includes my Nest Thermostat.
  • Amazingly simple, and beats Stringify

    By David.88
    Amazing simple, but powerful set of rules that finally lets me do what I wish the SmartThings app had enabled from the beginning. Specifically, setting up automation to only execute under certain conditions (e.g. dim Entry lights, iff, it’s Mon-Thu at 9pm, AND I’m home, AND entry light brightness is above 40%, AND bedroom light is off). As for the comparisons with Stringify, I’d say smart rules offers a much easier, yet powerful, not to mention it loads rules a lot faster than Stringify. Smart rules is also faster than the SmartThings app. Let me say that $10 is a small price to pay for enhanced functionality that costs less than a smart bulb. Feature requests: - Ability to duplicate rules - More icon options for rules Tip to developer: Consider updating the aesthetics of the app icon and the interface. The functionality is there, but the look may make the app appear outmoded to the uninitiated.
  • Does not work

    By Dane.tb
    Setup was very robust and hard, had to create a Samsung account which conflicted with the app itself in “SmartThings” When trying to add a smart device it sends me to an API page that first asks me to allow permissions with a location drop down which does not let me select anything. Gives me two prompts to “allow” or “deny” permissions but allow button does not work, and when you press deny it sends you to a broken code error message. Sad to see a app which used to work not work correctly. Hopefully developers can get back to me and fix this issue.
  • Bad app support

    By SAL-9000
    I’ve used this app before without much trouble, but recently, I’ve submitted a Ticket because of an issue I’m having where some switches that used to appear in the app, don’t show up anymore. Now, you’d think a week is enough time to get anything other than a We-received-your-Ticket automated reply, well, apparently it isn’t. So I guess they no longer support it, and we are on our own. Just know this and buy at your own risk.
  • Buggy

    By grocks44
    Install did not work the first time. Had to delete the app then restart then install again. Then none of my smart things showed up in the app. Definitely wouldn’t pay $10 for this.
  • Tech support doesn’t answer

    By peaches1968
    This is a great app with a few small shortcomings. Biggest problem for me is that tech support doesn’t answer. I have three issues waiting acknowledgment.
  • Doesn’t work most of the time

    By TravelingDragon
    I’m really disappointed that I paid so much for an app that rarely works. I got a couple of rules to run, but they do not trigger when I am away from home. Worse, I can find no log of whether or not a rule was triggered.
  • Cannot live without

    By CGrossmeier
    If you need to activate a device based on an advanced rule like “if (this event) or (that event) while (a is active) or (b is active) then (turn on device) and (turn device off after 30 minutes), then this is the solution you need. It amazes me SmartThings still has not purchased this solution or improved their own. I cannot live without it. Example complex rules. - If after sunset, turn on entry lights. - If motion in Entry after 10:00Pm while entry Light Entry is off, turn on light and turn off light after 15 minutes. - If window a is open for 5 min, or window b is open for 5 min, or window c is open for 5 morning , while temp > 80, then turn off AC and send text to my mobile phone. The variations are endless. He full support for temp, humidity, motion, state, routines, thermostats, Lights, summers, timers, contact sensors, and all features of every device I own is wonderful!
  • Sadly... this didn’t work

    By Everything'sTaken98450
    I wanted to love this because it seems like it does everything WebCoRe does but with a “designed for the average Joe” UI. I’m not terrible with WebCoRe but it does tend to take me a very long time to setup a complex routine due to my lack of knowledge on it, for lack of a better word. Anyway, my problem with SmartRules is when I attempt to connect my SmartThings account. After I put my credentials it takes me to the authorization page. When I authorize the connection it delivers a successful message but shortly after says “oops... something went wrong”. It suggests updating iOS and deleting then reinstalling SmartRules but those steps didn’t work for my install. As of writing, i am on iOS 11.2.6 on a iPhone 7 Plus. Will update review if this issue eventually gets resolved for me. Edit: After developers response I went ahead and tried their suggestion but no luck, still an unsuccessful setup. To be frank, it is the same method I tried after reading the response in other reviews. This time, I went a little further by denying the existing authorization, deleting SmartRules and re-attempting to connect per the instructions. When I open through safari to the page that reads along the lines of “tap here to connect” I always get the oops message. That message pops up regardless of the app I’m using to click it - safari or SmartRules. It’s interesting to note that SmartThings does show SmartRules as an app with permissions, however that connection doesn’t seem to function from SmartRules side.