Fight Club 5th Edition

Fight Club 5th Edition

By Lion's Den

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2014-08-10
  • Current Version: 2.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 31.58 MB
  • Developer: Lion's Den
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 2,064 Ratings


Welcome adventurers! Go paperless with your RPG and eliminate the need to carry around character sheets and player's handbooks. Fight Club serves as a digital character sheet and provides you nearly everything you'll need to play a 5th Edition game. Features: - Keep track of all the necessary numbers: HP, XP, spell slots, etc... - Access all of your important numbers like defenses, saves, abilities, skills, etc... - A spellbook lets you quickly view your spells and mark your prepared ones - Equip weapons, armor, and gear - Do dice rolls for everything from saves, skills, attacks, and damage, - Notes section to log your adventure - Compendium that contains content from Wizard of the Coast's Open Gaming License. User generated spell, item, and creature info can be created and imported from the web. This is a free to try app. You will be able to create only one character. To create more characters and remove the ads, please purchase the premium version. Please send any comments, suggestions, or bugs you find to Thank you very much.



  • Better than dnd beyond

    By whoinvitedthevegan
    Simply because I was able to upload the expanded content that I downloaded and I was good to go without any more purchases I love this game but I’m not spending over $300 on the legendary pack just so my character can have all the available options Get real wotc The app is awesome if you have a little technical knowledge to import everything in without having to hand type the expanded content
  • Great App!

    By pipeoo
    I really liked this app it’s really useful when playing d&d and my only problem is that it cost money to make more than one character and all the races aren’t there but besides that it’s a great app

    By Img188mg
    I’ve noticed that this app is not adding my wisdom modifier to my spell save DC or spell attack in the spell tab. If you look at the character sheet, it does factor in the modifier.
  • So easy to make characters, access everything

    By tkdD&D
    I absolutely LOVE this app! It's so easy and fun to make characters that I made 9 backup characters without actually needing any! 😊 Also, if you're a beginner, there is a character creation function that walks you through the whole process and automatically calculates your modifiers and things without your having to do anything but arrange or roll your attributes. If you don't have dice, you can click on something and it will roll for you. Awesome app, two thumbs up! 👍🏻 👍🏻
  • Pretty decent

    By Hazellore
    As a general whole, easy to get used to and use. Just wish it had all of the subclasses and PC stats for all of thecurrent player books (Xanathars, Volos) as opposed to just the Players Guide. If nothing else, it would be nice to be able to add subclasses
  • Split View is the only thing this app lacks.

    By MikeC840
    I love this app. I’ve been using it for the last several months, and I love being able to access my characters on my iPad or my iPhone. The only downside is the lack of split view/multitasking on iPads. I would love to be able to keep the app open while having Safari or a note-taking app open along side it to take session notes. Plus, keeping multiple apps from this developer open at the same time would be massively useful, such as Game Master 5e.
  • Fight Club 5th Edition

    By Dulac50
    This is an update of my comments below. My problem was that I forgot how to access the updated files from Drop Box and a minor change in the app confused me into thinking I was updating the files. So my comments below are incorrect and the app is great! Normally I would rate this app as 5 stars; however, I created a bard character recently and when I hit third level I went in to update my character I found that the only college available was the college of lore. I sent an email to the developer and have had no response. It has been a week now. I don’t even know if they got my note. I will revisit this rating when or if the problem is corrected.
  • Love it, with recommendations

    By The mechanical smithy
    Love the app and all of its amazing features, I recommend it to nearly everyone I know and meet who love dnd. Is there any possibility your able to update the compendium to the current version of five with all the feats and blood hunter class?
  • Missing some needed features

    By NakedFury1
    Missing a way to filter through huge lists. Filter items like armors(light, medium, heavy, and shields) Spells by school or just level Easier way to search all spells instead of going by classes A way to filter items in wondrous items or ability to add more item categories. Filter rings, amulets, boots, capes, etc Add an attunement field to items instead of needing to write it in descriptions Adding weapons special damage type-fire, acid, force, poison, etc. A field for skill Expertise so we don't have to add it manually. Add a special field for bag of holding type items that can hold more weight than what your character can. So it adds 500lbs to your weight without problem. This is a problem with currency. Table for proficiency in artisan tools, thieves tools, poison kit, etc. Attunement counter next to the initiative and prof area.
  • Best character app on any platform, add to android?

    By Iusedtoplayb4
    Fantastic app, some information doesn't carry over into the character summary section, but that is a minor inconvenience. Might hit up the battery a bit but this app is worth it. Also where is the android version? I heard it use to be there? I would much rather use this app on my phone than to have to carry my iPad around with me. Will there be an android version, I would happily financially support this app on android.