Fight Club 5th Edition

Fight Club 5th Edition

By Lion's Den

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2014-08-10
  • Current Version: 2.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 32.42 MB
  • Developer: Lion's Den
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 2,002 Ratings


Welcome adventurers! Go paperless with your RPG and eliminate the need to carry around character sheets and player's handbooks. Fight Club serves as a digital character sheet and provides you nearly everything you'll need to play a 5th Edition game. Features: - Keep track of all the necessary numbers: HP, XP, spell slots, etc... - Access all of your important numbers like defenses, saves, abilities, skills, etc... - A spellbook lets you quickly view your spells and mark your prepared ones - Equip weapons, armor, and gear - Do dice rolls for everything from saves, skills, attacks, and damage, - Notes section to log your adventure - Compendium that contains content from Wizard of the Coast's Open Gaming License. User generated spell, item, and creature info can be created and imported from the web. This is a free to try app. You will be able to create only one character. To create more characters and remove the ads, please purchase the premium version. Please send any comments, suggestions, or bugs you find to Thank you very much.



  • Good

    By DazeDpup
    functional and looks good, quite useful
  • Excellent app for anyone playing D&D 5e

    By isaluteya
    I highly recommend this app to everyone playing D&D 5th edition. It includes spells, backgrounds, items, races, and feats, all in an easily accessible system. As a DM, I keep this app handy when balancing the spells of all the members in the party. I use it to verify range, components, and details about that spell that we may have glossed over. Some of the spells aren’t exactly perfectly word for word in the PHB and some have different names (ex: Tasha’s Hideous Laughter is just listed as Hideous Laughter in the app) but it is not at all difficult to change. The app is super customizable and the interface is simple and easy to use. Lastly, the app doesn’t have the full compendium of all spells, feats, backgrounds, etc. but they can be easily exported into the app from Dropbox. The .xml files are all easy to find on Google and upload very quickly. Although it does take a bit of work up front to really prep the app for reference, the work is worth it in the end for the easy access.
  • Almost

    By Finding a name is stupid
    It’s nearly perfect the only thing I can see this app getting better is if they added more options for the character creator such as more races to choose from, different character backgrounds, more feats, and a updated spell selection to choose from.
  • Absolutely essential for 5e!

    By tylersaz
    I can't tell you how many HOURS I've spent building characters with this app. Beyond worth the $3 to upgrade! If you play D&D, have access to an Apple device, and DON'T use Fight Club, you need to rethink your priorities!
  • Best app ever!

    By theatrewolf
    I never write reviews but this is one of the best app I've ever had.
  • Good app, bugs sometimes

    By 0ziimo
    It's the most visually organized app of this kind that i've found. And aside from the occasional bugs that happen when you import compendiums from dropbox and stuff, the only thing I wish it had was the ability to add max capacity to the item containers. I really like the containers, and most digital tools like these dont have a way to organize your stuff outside of just a big long list. Just wish i was able to make a Backpack container and add a max capacity to it, so i don't have to keep adding up the weight of everything in it.
  • Normally a good app, but

    By Brandon Van Scoy
    This is usually a great app that is very helpful but lately it just constantly crashes. I can't create a new character because of this.
  • Portrait Mode Please

    By Jehrco
    This app is the best way to manage a character sheet but please, I don't use it because it doesn't have a portrait mode on iPad. Just like the iPhone version I just don't want to need to tilt my iPad every time I open the app. I want to hold it in portrait like a character sheet. The DM version can be in portrait. I just need that. Otherwise this is the single best way to store and play characters.
  • Some things should change

    By KKVanta2
    This app is the best organized that I’ve seen so far, and has a comprehensive spells list, but it doesn’t include every option for certain character traits. For example, when making a sorcerer, the app only let me choose a draconian bloodline, and did not have an option for a wild magic background. Also, the only available backstory is acolyte, even though the 5e player’s handbook lists at least a dozen options. I would love to use this app, but because of these limited options I cannot accurately record my characters.
  • Great Character Creation!

    By Gr4v37
    This is the best D&D 5E app I’ve had ever. I’ve had this app since about a month after it came out. It has been a great addition to my resources. Although it doesn’t have a complete compendium, not even all the races and classes from the player handbook, BUT they have made it very easy to find and import community made compendiums (any simple Google search will get you all of the books). My only very small issue I have with this app is when using it on a Apple device that does support multitasking you cannot split screen. That would be my only request from the developer, everything else is great. Keep it up Lion Den, great job! Looking forward for more updates!