Peloton Cycling and Workouts

Peloton Cycling and Workouts

By Peloton Interactive, LLC

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Evolve your fitness routine at home or on the go with live studio classes led by elite NYC instructors, plus 6,000+ on-demand classes. Use your iPhone, iPad or AppleTV to join inspiring and motivating workouts from anywhere. Ride on any bike, anytime, plus explore workout classes beyond the bike with yoga, strength, cardio workouts and more. Named the “Netflix of the workout world" by Forbes Magazine, the Peloton app gives you unlimited access to inspiring, high-energy workouts, no matter your fitness goals. FEATURES: UP TO 14 LIVE RIDES DAILY: Tap into the exhilarating experience of a group workout by joining a live class streamed straight from our NYC studio. 7,000+ ON-DEMAND CLASSES: Take a high-energy class any time it fits your schedule with our extensive on-demand library, updated daily. WORLD-CLASS INSTRUCTORS: Get motivated with our elite team of NYC’s best instructors, who design each ride to be a unique, empowering, effective workout. ENDLESS OPTIONS: Choose from a diverse selection of classes ranging in theme (including HIIT, Tabata, Live DJ, Hip Hop, Pro Cyclist and more), as well as length (5-90 minutes), difficulty and instructor teaching style. GO BEYOND THE BIKE: Try off-the-bike workout classes such as yoga, strength, cardio, stretching and more. Perfect for: Getting in shape with a cardio workout Instructor-led fitness motivation Workout classes straight from your gym or home Working out while traveling USER REVIEWS: “Better than actual spin class with instructors who are incredibly motivating and very good at executing a thorough workout” “I look forward to going to the gym everyday because of this app. I have told many friends how great it is!! I love the diversity of music choices and teacher personalities!!!” “I tried another spinning bike subscription and just couldn't get into the ride. I'm so glad Peloton made an app for all. Best app ever and I'm into each ride! I look forward to each workout!” “These live streaming workouts are perfect.” –Good Morning America “Love the app! An endless selection of new and fun rides no matter how much time I have for a workout and when I can squeeze it in. The instructors are all wonderful and challenge me every ride.” “Great instructors, best investment you’ll ever make in your fitness.” “There’s a massive and ever-growing library of different workouts in addition to live classes, so you can always settle on a class that fits with your schedule and your body’s needs. I feel amazing after each ride.” “I love the fact that I can get a gym spin class at home and feel like I’m part of something bigger.” “Motivation is almost never an issue for me. Now, I have it all at my fingertips. I continue to use it on and ‘beyond the bike.’ Each time I finish a new segment, whether it’s the bike, strength, yoga or arms, I continue to be amazed at what I learned during the session.” ACCESS PLANS: • 14-Day Trial: 14 days of free, unlimited access to live-streaming and on-demand Peloton classes on your iOS device. This plan can only be used one time. You will not be charged and the plan will not auto-renew. • 1-Week Pass ($5.99): 1 week of unlimited access to live-streaming and on-demand Peloton classes on your iOS device for $5.99. This plan will not auto-renew. • Monthly Membership ($12.99/Month): 1 month of unlimited access to Peloton’s live-streaming and on-demand classes on your iOS device for $12.99. This plan automatically renews on a monthly basis. By completing your purchase, you certify that you are at least 18 years old and that you understand and agree to the Terms of Service ( and Privacy Policy ( Auto-renewal may be turned off in your Account Setting in iTunes after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. A user that cancels during a subscription month won't be charged for the following month.



  • Love it!!

    By 1goooober
    Love this app, great workout every day. Have a schwinn but use this app! Awesome boost in morning to get my day started.
  • Looove! Hooked and addicted to riding!

    By Classyjustine
    I love this app! My husband and I have road bikes with bike trainers and this app gets us into the mood to work out! I’m addicted! I look forward to my rides after work and love the instructors! Keep it going Peloton- you got me back into exercising and loving my bike rides!
  • Of little use

    By JP6232
    I was hoping to find something that takes a little more scientific and metrics approach to spinning through use of a heart rate monitor and % percentage of max heart rate. Gauging workout using percentage of max heart rate guarantees. Instead, this app chose to get some cool-looking instructors and have them bark encouragement at you instead. Yawn...
  • Love the diverse collection and certain instructors

    By ProgressiveThinkerII
    I love the concept and the app. I use it two to three times a week and because of the app, I have access to a wonderful collection of workouts. Only suggestion is to have a bit more diversity in Tabata programs beyond the Pelaton bike.
  • Love it

    By plswest
    Endless number of fun, energizing, and challenging work outs. Just wish it were compatible with devices other than Apple. I needed to buy an iPad and Apple TV to really enjoy the experience.
  • Ride4lyfe

    By Abell17
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! I've been working out for 30 years. Did mostly elliptical, walking, & minimal running. (Never liked to run.) Been spinning off & on for about 9 years. Wish I'd discovered the app sooner. I just bought a Keiser bike. But I truly look forward to riding & using the app everyday! Someone mentioned being able to make a "playlist" of classes. That would be a great idea! But it's still AWESOME!
  • Great, but wish it talked to me smart trainer

    By GlancingAft
    I was a long time Zwift users and am dropping Zwift in favor of this. However, having a road bike and a smart trainer already, I am not going to invest in a peloton bike. I wish this app would connect to my smart trainer, cadence sensor, speed sensor, etc and provide more or the full experience that is offered with the peloton bike.
  • Hooked!!!!!

    By Nuctechnj
    I'm 57 years old and have been working out all my life. This is killer! The best workouts I've had in years. Ive always been a runner but the pounding has taken its toll on my hips and lower back. I can do these rides with absolutely no pain during or after. You are a Godsend. Only wish I had started sooner. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Getting me back in the groove

    By cssst
    Love all the rides I've done so far. Even better is the on demand so I can ride whenever my schedule allows. Bonus are the beyond the ride classes making this a one stop shop for my workout needs!
  • On a budget

    By nbearl
    This app is perfect for anyone wanting all the fun without the money. Love everything they have!!!