Presence: Video security

Presence: Video security

By People Power Company

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2013-03-27
  • Current Version: 4.0.22
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 67.42 MB
  • Developer: People Power Company
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 3,464 Ratings


USA Today knows the FIRST thing you should do with an old smartphone. “Just download the free Presence app on your old iOS device, pair it with your new fancy iPhone, and voila! You now have a top-notch security camera and motion detector thanks to the fantastic video capabilities of your old gadget. You can use it to keep an eye on your home base in real time, and have it send you alerts when there's something fishy going on.” Presence is compatible with iOS 6 through iOS 11 and available on the web at Monitor with Presence! Get increased security and peace of mind. Presence makes a great webcam, baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, surveillance cam, or do-it-yourself security system. At home, in the kitchen, the garage, the nursery, in your office, or wherever – Presence lets you know what’s happening when you’re gone. Get motion detection video alerts, and even view what’s happening in real time. See something you want to save? Presence even lets you record video and take pictures while watching live. Alert with Presence! Enable Presence Motion Detection to receive free Presence Video Alerts – see and hear what happened just seconds ago if motion is detected by Presence. Get notified when an intruder is detected, when the kids arrive home safely, when the delivery company has dropped off a package, or whatever makes you feel more informed and secure. Control with Presence! Add Presence Security and experience the future of home security. Presence Security features door and window entry sensors, motion detectors, water sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, touch sensors and more, to keep you connected with the things that matter most. Control electric appliances remotely with the Presence and Monster™ smart plug combo. View and control your Presence camera remotely in 360-degrees with the Presence 360™ robotic iPhone stand, and monitor your home electric use with TED™ or Blue Line PowerCost™ systems. Check it out at Neighborhood Watch with Presence! Invite your trusted circle of family, friends, and neighbors to receive your alerts and help protect your home when you can't be there. This is how home security should be. Presence supports simultaneous viewers connecting to a single camera, so you and anyone you designate can watch the dog or the kids at the same time from two different devices and locations. Presence also transforms your smartphones into automatic Twitter cameras. Talk back with Presence! Presence features 2-way video calls on most devices, so you can communicate on demand from anywhere in the world with the pets and loved ones behind your Presence camera. They don't even need to answer the phone! Presence compatibility: - iPhone 3GS and newer - iPad 2 and newer - iPod Touch 4G and 5G - iOS versions 6.0 through iOS 11.x - Web at Presence smart home product compatibility: - Presence Security - GE A19 Smart LED Bulbs - Bluetooth Presence 360 robotic iPhone stand by People Power - KUBI robotic tablet stand by Revolv Robotics - Blue Line Innovations products - TED products from Energy Inc. Also available from Presence: Presence Pro Video - More cloud storage. More camera control. * 5 GB encrypted cloud * Faster recordings * Longer recordings * Camera alarm * Priority feedback * Clearer video streams * Additional Privacy $1.99 one week trial, $4.99 monthly, $49.99 annually --- Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your itunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. --- Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



  • Unreliable

    By Cardage
    Worked on 3 devices for several days, then failed to connect to 2 of them. The third still works. I’ve tried all the suggestions for troubleshooting. None worked. Great idea but not ready for prime time.
  • Fantastic app! “If you’re not an idiot!”

    By Joe73
    After reading the reviews and using this app for some time “in many different environments” I have come to the conclusion that the people leaving bad reviews are really just utter morons, who rather than take responsibility and learn about things such as network configurations and router/device security protocols can/will effect things that are dealing with a great amount of data and designed for surveillance! I have had no problems whatsoever with the app working and performing as stated by the developers! Any issues with connectivity or video quality that have come up were the result of things completely out of the developers control! I am almost in complete disbelief that they were able to make something so complex with so many variables actually work and be so flexible and customizable! An absolutely fantastic app and unbelievably feature rich for little to no money! It does a great job and performs as advertised. Do yourself a favor and sign up for the membership “an absolute bargain when you consider what this app can do”! And if anything doesn’t work quite right remember that technology and the internet isn’t run by magic unicorns, educate yourself a bit and figure it out! Oh yes, you can also contact support!

    By Sonoma473
    I have my ipad and iPhone hooked up yet they wont connect even though my iphone shows up as a device. Touch it and nothing. Great idea if it worked. Junk. Deleted
  • It doesn’t work.

    By Manhattan0022
    Do not buy this app. Thank god I just bought it for 1.99.
  • Pretty great unless you need it

    By julesagogo
    Feb 18 There has to be a better way. Canceled pro and trying other apps. Feb 16 videos online between 2/7 and 2/16 disappear. No response from support. Feb 15 all cams quit recording, clicked “recording options” to restart Feb 4 updated app on all cams Feb 1 all cams stopped recording at the same moment, clicked “recording options” to restart Jan 28 same as Jan 18 Jan 18 all cams stopped recording, soft reset Jan 12 oh hey 1 cam stopped and btw all 10 of the notification rules you had are just gone, soft reset them all Jan 9 it’s been working for just over a week now with great tech support so I am guardedly optimistic Dec 19 noon/Dec 20 2 pm/Dec 21 11:30 am/Dec 22 2 pm/Dec 23 6 pm while out of town: motion detection on all 5 cams stops yet all can be viewed remotely. Soft resetting and 2 turns to fix the aspect ratio clears the problem right up,* so all you need when you're away is someone at home to fix your cameras when they go offline, problem solved! *Correction - as per Support, these 13 simple steps are the proper sequence to resolve the issue (but they don't): End guided access on the camera Go through the menu to log out of the app on the camera – select "all devices" but it won't work and you will have to do that on each device until the next to the last one Sign back into the app on the watching device Delete all of the cameras there Force close the app on each device Delete the app Soft reset the device Reinstall the app/sign into it Reset all of the motion detection options Reset Guided Access Reset the direction/angle of the camera Reset the notifications if the Camera names change (chances are they will) Check if motion is recording Rinse and repeat for every camera. It only takes about five minutes per cam! And if that doesn't work, delete the app and reinstall it on each device (which doesn't work either). Nov 27/28: the app quit working on another cam with guided access at the same time each day. Recommend not relying on this app as a security system that can be trusted when you're away. Nov 22: a cam stopped recording again. Nov 20: video on all 5 cams stopped about 8 hours after I soft reset them. I emailed support and received a nearly instant reply that looked like it was written by overseas tech-support saying I would need to reset my devices to get them working again ("Have you tried turning it off and then on again?" IT Crowd). Soft reset them all again. Deleting/reinstalling the app was the next suggestion. Nov 17-19: no video recorded on all 5 cams for 48 hours on windy days with plenty of action, then started recording again but many videos still in preview mode. Aug - Nov 16 2017: few cams drop out, some don't record obvious action or quit for blocks of time (see below). Longtime satisfied Pro user here until Feb 2017 when 200+ videos during an incident were blank and could not be played; no response from several tries to contact support. Set up email notifications for lack of motion detection. On 9/23/17 we noticed someone cut our string lights sometime between 7 am and 7 pm the day before; we tried to play video back to see who did it but it was missing between 4:30 pm and 11 am in a location with nearly constant motion with no email notification. Checked spam/trash. Emails arrive promptly when motion isn't detected but I'm not receiving phone notifications I set up. Lately some older videos never get out of preview mode, and the cameras will fail to capture many large motions (cams are set to detect tiny). Don't even get me started on the interface that lacks filters.
  • DO NOT Believe the Good Reviews!!!

    By Kcharley78
    Crashes constantly.. Save yourself the time and aggravation and get the Alfred app instead!!!
  • Fair to Good App

    By pup watcher
    It’s a free app and works fairly well most of the time. It will tell you it’s not connected intermittently but then restarts itself. I’m sure other apps have similar issues. Could be improved as when I speak to the naughty pups I’m watching, there is an echo that persists until I hit speaker off.
  • Loved this before last update, not so much now,

    By SeaSnert
    This app worked great until the last update. Now it can’t connect to internet & asks if my internet is okay? Funny because I’m online now.
  • Does what they say it does.

    By Rob Downey
    If it’s shutting down on you, it’s just your wireless network. Mine did that the first night, but once I rest my fiber, it worked just fine. I just use it right now to find some mice that made their way into my attic. Caught those little turds on the motion from my 4s. So, I’m happy with it. Pretty good for spying as well. Especially if you need to record a conversation. Not bad. Not bad at all.👍🏻
  • Presence

    By Xaviorchaos
    Still getting used to it. So far so good. I think I should get the premium version.