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  • Required Tool for the RV Life

    By RV Dolph
    We live full time in an RV. When pulling in to a new site, moving the RV a few feet in any direction can make the difference between setting a signal or not because of trees or other satellite blockers. You just need to know generally where South is to start.
  • Not worth the money

    By Spdwoody
    If it was a dollar app I’d say it’s ok My iPhone compass is more accurate I feel ripped off paying 5 dollars
  • Do not buy this app

    By nelson2m
    This app do nothing but to take a picture of the sky. This is an scam.
  • Good, could be even better

    By Stanbro
    I am using this app a lot as I am on an 8 month RV trip and moving around a lot. I have used other, similar apps that are no longer supported in the new iOS so I switched to this app out of necessity. The only thing that keeps me from giving this app five stars is the lack of a guide arrow to help you locate the area of the sky where to look for the satellites. You have to know the compass directions of your location before you start such that you have a general idea where to look. As it is, I first open the compass app to find South and then open this app to search for the satellite locations. Yeah, it’s a minor thing but other apps I have used had a guide arrow and I found that useful.
  • Fail

    By sunaeco
    Does not show satellites in sky. It’s just a camera.
  • Totally useless unless you don't have eyes

    By Shameonapple
    The only thing this app does is look toward the southern sky (which you have to find without the app's assistance) and tell you if there is a clear line of sight to the satellite in the southern sky. I have eyes... I can do that myself.
  • use it to find Direct Tv Satillites

    By gnolan97
    I was informed of this app from a Direct TV installer. It works. the one review that gave it a bad review did not know how to use the app or was lookint in the wrong direction. Great app.
  • Awesome app works Great!!

    By Wcc2483wcc
    Extremely easy to use!
  • Sat

    By Wild Dog1
    Great app ! Thank you !
  • Complete Waste of money

    By chickencharley
    All this app does is take a photo with a circle on it. It DOES NOT show you the location of the satellites. This is the most fraudulent app I have ever downloaded in my years of using iPhones. Don't waste your time !