Fertility Friend FF App

Fertility Friend FF App

By Tamtris Web Services Inc.

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Fertility Friend is the most trusted and accurate fertility tracker. This app is an advanced ovulation calculator, menstrual calendar, fertility chart and period tracker. It works to help you get pregnant because it interprets your own personal fertility signs. Fertility Friend creates an exclusive fertility chart and ovulation calendar with personalized trying to conceive tips and analysis. Track your period and other fertility signs (basal body temperature/BBT, cervical fluid, symptoms, etc). Fertility Friend will alert you to your ovulation date and the best days to conceive and offer personal, timely insights. Fertility Friend will quickly teach you how to track your fertility signs, show you what they mean and display your ovulation and fertile days on a calendar and a fertility chart. Fertility Friend includes extensive education, advanced tools and tips to give you the knowledge you need to feel confident and empowered. Once pregnant you can follow your pregnancy on the integrated Pregnancy Tracker. Fertility Friend’s fertility tracker is the perfect complement to the FertilityFriend.com website. Experience matters: 650,000+ pregnancies (and counting!) The most sophisticated, accurate and comprehensive analysis of your fertility signs. * Color coded fertility calendar: Your period, fertile days, ovulation and more at a glance. * Fully integrated with the FertilityFriend.com website. Benefit from accurate ovulation prediction, automatic ovulation detection, BBT chart pattern analysis and an extensive set of features on the web site. No sync or upload of data required. * Optional short passcode to protect your fertility tracker App from unwanted attention. * Full data entry for fertility tracker including period, basal body temperature (BBT), cervical fluid, daily notes, your custom symptoms, meds, default data and much more... * Menstrual cycle statistics- convenient record of your cycle length, period dates, ovulation dates, cycle phase lengths, and symptoms * Offline data entry and review when Internet access is not available. * Optional Alarm to remind you of your data entry, morning basal body temperature (BBT). * Extensive educational resources: Educational videos, tutorials, quizzes and eBook. * Optional Widget: Create your own graphical fertility tracker and display it on your home screen. * Weight Chart & Tracker *Gallery of ovulation charts- hundreds of thousands of fertility charts, see real BBT chart patterns *Fertility chart sharing page (optional) *BBT chart creation and coverline *Automatic ovulation detection based on your own fertility signs. *use Fertility Friend’s advanced (default) accurate ovulation detector or choose ovulation detection based on the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) *Fertility chart interpretation games Premium Features available via in-App membership purchase: * Advanced data analysis tools to monitor your cycles, basal body temperature (BBT) pattern and fertility data * Vibrant community with enhanced privacy *Pregnancy Monitor * Pregnancy Tracker: once pregnant, use the pregnancy tracker to follow your pregnancy. Fertility Friend dramatically improves your chances of conception. Support, Bug Reports & Suggestions: http://FertilityFriend.com/m/mcontact.html IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS: This calendar uses only approximate prediction and cannot be used to schedule procedures, avoid pregnancy or anything where more accuracy would be required. It is intended for educational use only. Use at your own risk. Please consult your health care provider for any health concern.



  • 13 Years! FF is my Pal Since 2004!

    By Jeska G
    Without this software I'm not sure where I'd be. For someone with a history of irregular cycles FF is a life-changing tool to conceive and avoid when family planning without artificial contraceptives which many choose not to use today in their marriages for religious and health reasons. I have had an iPhone for 5 years now and I can easily record my data daily from my bedside and update symptoms throughout the day! No longer do I have to use just my laptop. It's designed perfectly. Thank you for evolving with the times! Makes life so much easier!
  • Great!

    By lgs2213
    FF was a great way to learn about my fertility and it helped me get pregnant 3 times. It was not a short trip to pregnancy with any of my pregnancies, but I understand my body so much better than I did before I started doing this. I only use the free version of the ap, and I still find it very useful.
  • Best fertility app ever!

    By Mrscna
    I've been using Fertility Friend for 5 years & I absolutely love it!!
  • Best Fertility App!

    By Jjgrl55
    Fertility Friend is the app that helped me get pregnant after trying for over a year! It's not like the other cutesy period apps, Fertility Friend is a no-nonsense, data-driven app to help you learn about your body and your fertility. I still use it to help keep track of my periods and will start temping a few months before we try to conceive again so I will get knocked up ASAP!
  • Helped me track and get pregnant

    By babydust143
    This App is a great tool to have in your journey to trying to conceive .. it’s very easy to navigate and it even gives you fun facts about ovulation etc... highly recommend. I am 5 weeks now and I don’t think I could have done it without the App!!
  • Great charts

    By ashbear412
    I got the app mainly for the bbt chart feature. I've been enjoying it and hope it helps on my journey to pregnancy.
  • The only app I’d use!

    By HcG1238
    I’ve tried others but none are as accurate as this one. Love it
  • Pretty good.

    By LovedBYthree
    I wish the traffic light was on the free version but it is good tracking and charting otherwise.
  • Very useful

    By PokerGal79
    This app has been very useful to me. It's easy to use and has a lot of good features. New version works great.
  • Keeps Me Sane!!!!

    By ReD10131983
    I ❤️ Fertility Friend! It's by far the best at helping me keep track of everything while trying to conceive! Thank you for such an awesome site and app!