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  • Not as easy to work with as beatmaker 1

    By jony justis
    Why don’t they give us a discount everytime they make a new beatmaker -.? Since paying totally for the 1st and second one-? Why hasn’t the 1st beatmaker been upgraded enough to where it can be downloaded to iPad -. ..? Even flstudio...everytime their download gets improved upon...they keeep the customer in mind and free down load again and it costed more than beatmaker...still...gotta love beatmaker....
  • Serious Lagging

    By Ix Deadline xI
    I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I press any key, it lags and the keys I press either don’t play or if I hold it, the keys will play up to 5 times a second. It’s pretty much unplayable.

    By Just a paerson
    Because every time I open the sound store nothing shows up just a blank screen ☹️😡
  • Killing Those Lame MPC's LOL

    By Allinone The Great
    Back in business. The MPC is like what a tape player is to an iPod now lol. Beatmaker 2 is the 💩. 65GB's of sounds on my iPhone now on my 128GB. Hands down the best DAW. Just needs a way to hook up to a external hard drive or make a desktop version. Those that are complaining about factory sounds are idiots. Import your own sounds with FileZilla and the world awaits on your creativity. I'm laughing at those idiots that can't use simple software or watch tutorials to learn. You get what you put in and that goes for life. Update Totally dissatisfied with the wait of the BeatMaker 3 release date for the iPhone version. I now have a 256gb IPhone 8 Plus and feel so behind because I won’t buy a iPad just for one particular app. INTUA should not give dates to customers and not stand by it. I’m not going to lower the 5 star rating on bm2 because of this but not everyone wants to use a iPad to make music with as portability and the developers should’ve put more time into the iPhone version being that the iPad version has been out for so long. Truly disappointed.
  • Dropbox still doesn't work!!!

    By Dune-E
    When are you going to fix the issue with The use of Dropbox?! It still doesn't work. Both BeatMaker 2 and 3 doesn't work at all. If you did fix the problem, it must apply to all higher than iPad 2, fourth generation. Every time I try to import my folders and files into BeatMaker 2 it just switches to the Dropbox app to the allow screen and when I press allow,it switches back to BeatMaker 2 App and the Dropbox column never shows up anymore like it use to before the release of BeatMaker 3. The BeatMaker 3 App just never loads up at all so I can import my folders and files. The square icon just does the glow animation and never loads up at all. Why I liked these apps was because I would make my samples on my computer software Acid Pro 7, then send my samples to Dropbox, then import them into BeatMaker app and make my projects. Now I can't do that anymore because the Dropbox feature is still not working. I'm sure it must work for iPad Pro users, but I don't have a Pro yet. Can you please fix this problem for iPad 2, fourth generation use please?
  • Fix SoundCloud

    By Gods job whoever made this!
    I can’t sign into my soundcloud u need to fix it
  • It's not great on the iPhone 6s

    By GGMU96
    Idk why but mine is extremely laggy. Feels likes I’m playing on a Bluetooth headphone mean while I’m not using one lol other then that problem it’s fine and works as it should.!!

    By Sikriot
    I’ve been using this app for awhile and it is really awesome and useful but I wish you guys would release a sound pack every month or 2 just so we can have more new and unique sounds to mess around with!
  • Small Glitch

    By Blessupjimmie
    So it won’t let me do a iPod import. It closes the app every time I try. Huge dilemma but other than that, the app is great.
  • Works great now

    By creston183
    Dropbox and iPhone 8 plus U/I glitches are fixed 🙏🏽