PasswordWallet - All Inclusive

PasswordWallet - All Inclusive

By Selznick Scientific Software, LLC

Score: 2.5
From 6,586 Ratings


Synchronize your data with PasswordWallet for Mac and Windows: includes a 25% off coupon for Mac and Windows versions. PasswordWallet is fully functional, no gimmicks, ads, extra in-app purchases, or subscriptions. INCLUDES: – Unlock your wallet with your fingerprint! – Easy Backup and Restore with any computer without special software! – A COUPON for 25% off the Mac OS X and Windows versions of PasswordWallet! – Fully encrypted exports that you can open on any computer with no special software. – Free utility to retrieve lost data from iTunes backups if your phone is lost or stolen. – Easy sync between Macs and Windows versions of PasswordWallet. If you're experiencing problems, please drop us a log with [Main]->[Info]->[Log]->[Submit] from inside the software, and then push the e-mail button to tell us what went wrong! DESCRIPTION: – PasswordWallet stores ALL of your passwords and other private information in one, convenient location - because password confusion just isn't necessary! – Use the auto-typing feature to LOG IN to your favorite web sites. You can even edit entries while navigating a site. PasswordWallet encrypts your passwords, usernames, PIN numbers, combinations and personal notes with extremely fast Blowfish encryption. – Users can seamlessly synchronize multiple PasswordWallet files with multiple computers and move between them easily. – Synchronization is secured with (1) Pairing your Mac with your iPhone and (2) Keeping all data encrypted during synchronization. – Pro Tip: Rotate all views for larger font sizes!



  • Backing up is a nightmare

    By Embroiderygal
    We purchased the app several years ago but when we try to sync it comes up and tells us to register or buy. Synching is so confusing that we don’t do it. Husband tried synching his ipad and it erased everything. Afraid to try synching other devices until we manually write down all passwords now.
  • Almost works

    By osireuggjwoeirugwerk
    It almost works. The sync feature to keep my iPhone and iPad wallets synched does not work at all. Backing up via email is awkward. The app recommends a restart of my wireless router. Come one, guys. Also, the app for password wallet does not seem to be available in the App Store when I access it from my MacBook Air. And even when I do back it up via email, the app still shows “542 days since backup.”
  • Reliable and useful

    By gordonross
    I've been using PasswordWallet for years on my Mac. The app isn't much to look at, but it works great and the support is good. Safe and secure, too. And easy to understand!
  • This one really works well

    By SnakeMagnet
    I have used this app in conjunction with the PC version for years. It works seamlessly. I can’t say enough good things about it.
  • Edit button is gone

    Latest IOS version has removed the ability to edit any existing data. App is now completely unusable. Clicking the title of any entry does not allow for editing of existing information. There is no way to contact the developer or report bugs. Zero stars.
  • iPhone X compatibility?

    By Pchagoya
    Any plans to update to work with Face ID and screen real estate?
  • Awesome

    By Thisreviewistrue
    I would like iPhone X screen support
  • Been running strong for years

    By jesscapps
    I’ve been using Password Wallet for about 10 years. It’s easy to use, back up and send to yourself. I rely on it so heavily that I hardly know my passwords anymore because I can visits sites directly through the PW app to log in automatically. I even had to contact them once many years ago and the customer service was great. I’ve been starting to back up my info a bit more often since my iPhone 6 started glitching out, but I should be doing that anyway. Love this app!
  • Subtracting one star

    By The Crenz
    Everything I said in my original review (see below) still stands. But PW does not seem to properly take advantage of the iPad Slide Over feature, so minus a star for that Original review: Best password manager because: 1. It is reasonably priced and does NOT require an annual subscription; 2. Syncs well with my computer. Initial set-up is easy and is a breeze to sync thereafter; and 3. Does NOT involve the internet or an external server. You sync wirelessly across your home network. With all the hacking that goes on there is no way I'd trust my passwords to be stored somewhere. I don't care how encrypted the service supposedly is. There is nothing safer than having them stored locally on your devices and ONLY locally, which is how Password Wallet does it.
  • iDig

    By bramstoy
    I’ve been using PW for a few years now. It is my keychain! I can easily manage and sync PW files among my mobile devices and Mac/Windows computers. I’d love to see the wallet colors synchronize!