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  • Good but not for "real" meal prep

    By Per4merKC
    The recipes here are the same as "fit men cook" and they don't "up-size" for full week meal prep. You would need a restaurant size kitchen to prepare these meals. I'm canceling my subscription.
  • Scam

    By Behebd
    The app gives you a week free trial, but instead it made a charge on my account. On top of that, I am not able to change my prescription or cancel it. Don't recomend
  • Great Foundation For An Amazing Meal Prep App

    By George Paskalev
    The app is pretty awesome! Beautifully designed with a very intuitive layout, and great features for those who want to follow a meal plan without modifying it. I love the ingergration of a shopping list and the ability to swap recipes. I'm giving it a 5-star rating because I see so much potential for this app in the future. I prefer to customize my meals quite a bit, so here a few improvement tips for future versions: - Allow users to enter custom macronutrient goals, not only with ratios, but also in grams. - Assign nutritional value to ingridients in each recipe and allow users to skip certain ingredients and modify the nutrition of the meal accordingly (e.g. if I want to have the omlette with rye bread, allow me to remove the bread and reduce the carbs I'd be consuming). - When users create customs recipes, allow them to add an ingredient list so these can be added to their shopping list.
  • Great new app, love its features

    By BigDogNoe
    Been a fan of your app for some time, and this MealPrepPro version is great. But once you have the ability to remove/substitute ingredients in a recipes and have it calculate the updates macros real time you will have hit gold!! Keep up the great work and thanks!
  • Ok but could be better

    By Missbees
    I want to love this app but I have challenges each time I try it. Just cooked the chicken lasagna and it didn't stay how to cook or cut the potatoes so I cut 1/4 inch slices but they didn't cook and are still hard. Lots of dairy in the meals which I don't love. Also wish I had the option to opt out of 1 dinner here and there when I have dinner plans.
  • Bad Science & Not Healthy

    By 8rittany
    As a health professional, I filled out my stats to see what their "nutritionist" recommendations were for me. The dietary suggestions were based on shockingly outdated science. I was recommended to eat way too much protein and fat for what is actually considered to be healthy according to the latest research (last 25 years). Furthermore, these meal plans are not nutritious and the recipes are uninspired. Hard pass on this. I suppose it could be useful for people who need meal planning assistance and don't actually care that much about their health or good flavor?
  • Dietary requirements

    By Jolieep
    How do I set my dietary requirements? I don't eat meat, while the app primarily offers chicken and beef dishes that are useless. If there is an easy way to set your preferences, I will give your app a better review. Thanks
  • Just ok

    By Hm98
    I like the app and I like the concept. However I struggle to eat four straight dinners of the same thing. Chicken and more chicken. I had to choke down last nights dinner and it was only night #2. Not knowing if you like what you are making is hard as well. I really wish they would give partial refunds. I don't think a week is enough time to know whether or not you like the app and want to continue with it. I eat mostly vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian for the past few years and have recently started adding some meat to my diet. But I still eat mainly vegetarian meals. I'm not finding enough vegetarian meals to fit my eating habits. Again. Another reason they need to give partial refunds. I think a month trial is more appropriate. Even two weeks is better than six days.
  • No vegetarian options.

    By Ian Lay
    No veg options.
  • Low Rating Is Deceiving

    By forgetr
    This app is very well done and has made dieting so much easier for me. The subscription for this is absolutely worth every penny. Don't let the low star ratings tell you otherwise. Everyone complaining about the subscription model obviously haven't given any thought to the amount of hard work it must have been to create this. And the amount of money it will save for people like me who want to eat healthier without the daunting task of building my own recipe repertoire.