LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer

LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer

By Living Memory Software

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2017-03-07
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 47.54 MB
  • Developer: Living Memory Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.1 or later.
Score: 5
From 43 Ratings


LayR is a massively polyphonic, multi-timbral synthesizer for iOS devices, optimized for modern 64 bit CPUs and capable of delivering up to 256 voices of rich, multi-layered and textured sounds. LayR's primary sound components are called Performances where a Performance is a set of Instruments and each Instrument is a set of Layers and each Layer is a complete synthesizer. A performance can consist of any number of instruments each with its own MIDI channel and crossfading keyboard span. Each Instrument can consist of any number of Layers to a maximum of 128. Each Layer has a dual oscillator that can morph with modulation between two shapes and phase states, two rich and warm state variable filters, a wave folder and a mixing section to blend oscillators and filters in any serial/parallel combination. For modulation (frequency, amplitude and phase) there are two Low Frequency Oscillators ranging from DC to audio frequency switchable to optionally follow keyboard pitch and restart phase when a note is started. Two loopable ADSR envelopes ranging from fractions of a second to over 100 seconds, an amplitude ADSR and a random number generator with a smoothing filter. With stereo delay, reverb and EQ on the output section LayR excels at not only emulating normal analog synth sounds but also at creating massive pads and huge spacy ambient textures with extremely long evolution cycles. Focused at keyboard players looking for a mobile synth that can be reliably used live on stage LayR is equally at home in the studio. An extensive selection of usable instrument and performance presets are included which can be loaded using MIDI bank select and program change messages in the same manner as hardware synths. LayR sports almost unparalled and extremely flexible MIDI control. Every parameter in the synth engine can be assigned to any MIDI Control Change number and parameters spread across multiple Layers can be grouped and controlled by a single MIDI cc with assignable range and direction. There is also an 8 track, 16 step Arpeggio Sequencer which can be used to create all sorts of exciting polyrhythmic looped patterns or even ambient generative music. Each track can have it's own speed, playback mode and length. On top of all that LayR has a MIDI Controller Mixer that can be used during performance to control the synth engine in real time and can also transmit MIDI cc's from LayR's output port to other destinations. Full IAA, Audiobus, Audio Unit and Link compatibility means LayR can be used with all hosts and other music apps on iOS and desktop DAWs.



  • Deep

    By Long words
    Expect to be reading the help because it’s feature rich. Awesome stuff.
  • Great News ..and Good News

    By BozoToo
    LayR is a bit of a good news - bad news situation ...actually more like GREAT news and something a wee bit less than great news. First the Great stuff. Imagine an additive synthesizer in which each partial, instead of being just a sine wave, was a complete synthesizer. You could also think of it as a stack of individual polyphonic synthesizers all linked perfectly, or if you prefer, not perfectly together. THAT is basically what you have in LayR. You often hear claims about synthesizers that read something like “infinite sonic possibilities ...blah blah blah”. But LayR gets very close to exactly that. The possibilities are not truly “infinite”, but this instrument will go about as far as anyone might want and certainly at least as far as what most musicians could ever want in a keyboard synthesizer. Second we have the something less than perfect aspect -the reason for my 4.9 review: it is somewhat difficult to work with, especially on anything less than a 12.9” iPad Pro. The screen is so dense with controls that manipulating some of them can be a challenge even on a 12.9 incher sometimes. Adding to the problem, the controls themselves are quite arcane since they must rely on graphics instead of words to identify them. It is difficult at first to figure out what all those knobs do. But the density of the screen, however, is a small trade off; it’s the price that must be paid in order to get all of that stuff on a small touch screen. The only way to reduce that problem would be to start eliminating controls and that would be a mistake. And the arcane nature of the controls is not so difficult for experienced synthesizerists to figure out. You just have to spend some time in the woodshed with this baby. Given these limitations, LayR succeeds fantastically at achieving its goal, which is apparently to cram a HUGE very versatile, complex instrument into a small space. Final notes: do NOT try to run this app on anything less than an iPad Air. The CPU just cannot handle it. It will glitch out like crazy. An iPad Pro, preferably a 12.9 is the best option. Also, I noted some random oddities, probably little bugs, which no doubt will be gradually squashed in later versions. For example, I could not get the amp envelope to drop the sustain level once, no matter what I did, short of re-loading the preset. But things like that are just part of the software synthesizer world.
  • This is it❣️ My favorite synthesis app❣️

    By Eriptron
    The only way this could be better would be if it was a virtual machine in my brain! I bought LayR when it first came out earlier this year but I was a little overwhelmed and the UI didn't click with me at first so I worked with other synth apps. Then after working with the likes of the Model 15, KASPAR, then back to Magellan and then came Kauldron. Then just last week I bought FoldR still not remembering that I already had LayR After studio FoldR I then fired up LayR for the first time since I got it and now it was like a Duck to water. At first I was creating a lot of 'digital noise' until I remembered what the help with FoldR said. 'Small' adjustments. Then I did something I don't usually do. I didn't start with any presets. I was amazed what a single instrument with three synths (two closed from a first) and just destined then enough until the audio started phase rolling creating a secondary pattern. Basically the 'most' of the rest of the synth settings were the defaults. This 'seriously' impressed me! After that there was no stopping me. lol I made a 90 second recording of that first instrument w/the 3 layers and then I just let it evolve over time and then recorded an 'evolved' 3 minute version. By 3am I had a total of 7 instruments, collectively containing 16 layers (or synthesizers). Panning placement of the voices became very important, as well as segregating like sound textures to avoid making audio mud. Aside from the need for a better remix I am quite pleased with my first real piece of music using LayR and FoldR as a downstream FX using AUM. I even played portions of the two previous recordings back into the final mix for some very interesting, cyclic/evolving sound patterns. Using my Roland RD-2000 as a keyboard controller is sweet❣️ I place my iPad Pro where the sheet music goes running LayR and FoldR. Early this morning I started playing with some of the instrument presets. They are all 'quality' patches and a whole lot of fun. LayR truly frees us from hardware synths since this concept isn't practicable physically.
  • Creativity Inspiring

    By Hiko303
    Totally awesome in its depth and ability to create very complex, rich sounds in an interface that is remarkably intuitive for the power that it has. Plenty of great presets to get you started, too. Highly recommended!
  • So deep and rich

    By policarpo
    One of those unique and special synths on the iOS platform. I rank it up there with Moog Model 15, Sunrizer, Animoog, Zeeon and Mood. The latest round of patches are just stellar. Really love how quickly this synth has evolved. Great work👊🏼™
  • Brilliant

    By Bobbo924
    When I first started out on modular synthesizers, I could never have foreseen something like this. It’s a universe of possibilities, layers, combinations. Very highly recommended and a bargain at many times the price. Well done.
  • Excellent synth..thanks for cool update

    By Glass wedge
    Really appreciate developers continued support of product. Wow
  • Endless Exploration!

    By JWLaconia
    This synth has rich sounds that will blow you away! Being able to build with layers opens up a huge number of opportunities that will allow you to create some incredibly intricate sounds. Highly recommended!
  • Keeps getting better!!!!

    By Phil osophical
    This is the synth app you want if you can’t be bothered with creating your own patches. There are a bunch of great ones.
  • Great Synth

    By Electronisounds
    Bought to gem when it was very first released - great sound - consistent updates and loads of new presets added. THANKS!