Moasure - smart tape measure

Moasure - smart tape measure

By 3D Technologies

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-11-02
  • Current Version: 2.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 52.18 MB
  • Developer: 3D Technologies
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 208 Ratings


Convenient and easy to use, Moasure is a 300m/1000ft tape measure, ruler, protractor and a goniometer (angle measurer) - all in one simple app. Simply move your phone from one point to another point and Moasure displays the distance or height difference between the two points, or the angle between them. Top 10 in overall App Store in 101 countries. There’s no tape, no string, no laser beam or camera images. Instead Moasure uses the same technology found in space rocket guidance systems – the iPhone’s accelerometers and gyroscopes – to calculate precisely how far you have moved your phone. Moasure really is rocket science! Moasure can measure the length, width, and height of objects, as well as internal room dimensions and even inter-room dimensions. In fact, there’s not much that Moasure can’t measure. • Measures distances from 10cm to 3000m (4” to 1000ft) quickly and easily. • The only app that retains its accuracy for distances greater than 10m/30ft, thanks to Moasure’s unique multi-step measurement mode. • 5 different measuring modes for measuring objects, spaces, height difference and angles. • Measures round obstacles as if they weren’t there - great for measuring room dimensions. • Label and save measurements for future reference, printing and sharing via SMS or email. • Displays in metric or imperial units. • Measures the angle between two lines or surfaces. • Distance accuracy better than 1% accuracy on iPhone 7 and 2% on iPhone 6. Angle accuracy better than 1 degree. (Watch the help videos for tips on achieving the best accuracy.) IMPORTANT: Moasure has not been designed for use on iPad, because of its size. Please be careful when using an iPad to take measurements. CONVENIENT: A simple app on your smartphone, Moasure is available whenever and wherever you need it. No Internet connection is needed, and there’s no need to hunt through a toolbox or kitchen drawer for a ruler, tape measure or a laser. You’ll never find yourself without a tape measure. EASY TO USE: You don’t need someone to hold the end of a tape measure, just move your smartphone from A to B and let Moasure do the rest. The measurement will be displayed on your screen instantly. FLEXIBLE: Moasure can measure almost anything, from the width of a tile to the length of your garden. If there’s something in the way, like a wall, just walk round it and Moasure will measure straight through it. USED BY PROFESSIONALS: Moasure is a serious measuring tool, suitable for use by professionals. It‘s ideal for estimating dimensions when quoting for jobs. (However, please don’t use Moasure when measuring to cut or drill material – it isn’t accurate enough to do that just yet.) RELIABLY ACCURATE: Moasure uses patented technology to get the most accurate and consistent results of any motion-measuring app available. The accuracy of the measurement depends on the iPhone model, and the time it takes to complete the measurement. A visible and audible timer indicates when the accuracy starts to deteriorate. For even greater accuracy, you can repeat the measurement a number of times and Moasure displays the average measurement. We’ve taken thousands of test measurements, covering all the different iPhone models, with the following results*: (values in brackets are for average of 3 measurements) On iPhone 7/7 Plus: • measurements within 0.5% accuracy: 67% (92%) • measurements within 1.0% accuracy: 97% (100%) On iPhone 6/6 Plus, single measurement: • measurements within 1.0% accuracy: 83% (100%) • measurements within 1.5% accuracy: 97% (100%) *Results are for measurements taking 2 to 3 seconds to complete. Measurements over a shorter period should be more accurate, whilst longer measurements will be less accurate. When using multi-step measurements, the accuracy is determined by the time period for each measuring step. Please see our website:



  • Unicorns & Fire breathing dragons

    By TheRaggedEdge
    Don’t waste your money. I was optimistic that it would work as advertised, given that the negative reviews were from over a year ago, giving the company ample time to correct any issues. Nope. My Background as it pertains to this: Electronics engineer, technophile, woodworker, builder, & maker. The breakdown: I purchased this app today. I calibrated the app as directed by the app. This app identifies your phone and says it uses its measurements to help in measurement accuracy. As my phone is in a case, I inputted accurate measurements to compensate for any difference in the overall size of my phone and case. After that, I set to measuring. I measured the length of a small wall in my home to keep it simple. First, I measured it using the tried and true tape measure to give me a baseline measurement. As there is a door in the middle of the wall, I measured from the one side of the wall to the outside of the door trim (34-3/4”); and then, an overall measurement of the wall (75-1/8”). App Performance: Measurements yielded by the app were nowhere near accurate. First, the app recommends that you take at least two measurements to insure accuracy - not a bad idea given the, “Measure twice, cut once,” adage. But this didn’t help the app. I measured several times, even recalibrating the app when It was giving me insanely inaccurate measurements. The measurements it gave me were: to the door trim, consistently 34-1/2”, with the last one being 39-1/2 inches. The overall measurement was stupid. They were 74”, 78-1/2”, 85-1/2”, 75-1/2”, and 75”. On one occasion, the average of 75-1/2” and 75” was determined to be 75-1/2. I’d like to know how it came up with that. The last measurements I took were 75” and 78-1/2”, (quite the disparity) for an average of 76-1/2”. Additionally, the app would consistently hang up while taking measurements, and I’d have to start over again. I’d finally had enough of dealing with this, and now you’re reading this review. When I’m woodworking, I’m happy to say that I don’t tend to have much material waste. Save your money to spend on something useful or expectedly frivolous. If you want to measure something, do yourself a favor and get a good quality 20-30 foot tape measure. It will last you, it won’t require updates to keep it working, and it’ll give reliable measurements to help you fit appliances not only in your kitchen, but through the front door, furniture into a room, or even the right cover for your motorcycle. Good luck.
  • Tape measure

    By Hummer2000
    Very useful app for quick ruff measurements.
  • Useless

    By RyGuy77
    It is difficult to hold the phone at the perfect orientation and move at the perfect speed to get an accurate measurement. Every single attempt had different results for the same measurement. The app doesn’t like most of the measurements. I wish I hadn’t spent the money on this.
  • Pleasantly surprised of its accuracy

    By i-Phone-4
    I didn’t encounter any bad experience that our frustrated user reported about this app. Instead, I find this app produce an accuracy unmatched by five like apps I’ve used. One of it cost up to $9. While this app only cost less than a 25ft tape measure. After some learning curve fittings using a knowns dimensions, a best practice of measuring routines me was developed. From then on it reports 70” for a table of 70.12” long. Similarly, reports 31.5” width from 31.5”. The basic accuracy is spot on, the only catch is that we must refine and develop a best measurement routine. It also reports 45-deg on a 45-deg corner on XY plane. Good job Moasure team. Update : This app was released in favor to inside (hollow) dimensions and not solid such as thickness of a wall with trimming. To make solid measurements we must hand eye align phone edge to solid edge which can induce operator’s error. (1) Present revision - traveled distance (plus) one phone dimension for inside dimension measurement, but (minus). That (minus) is essential to measure diameter and thickness with which the cross section is not flat and square and in most case, out of reach. (2) presently not an option : plus (none) phone dimension which is essential to measure the Y dimension of a stair case solid for best practical accuracy. In that, users just need to hold phone against alternate surfaces to take Y measurement. - Please revise measuring modes for : plus (none), plus (one) and minus (one) phone dimensions in our next release.
  • Complejisima

    By Nanoooolo
    Por favor quiero el reembolso de mi dinero me parece demasiado compleja para hacer una simple medida. La compre por qué creí que me podía ser útil en mi trabajo como arquitecto pero para medir una simple pared de 3 metros me tocó hacer 5 veces la medida y ni siquiera me dio una vez la medida exacta. Y la seguí probando para tratar de atinarle a una medida y en un pares de 0.98 cm de 10 intentos me dio una medida exacta. Es el colmo. Por favor devolver mi dinero.
  • Great design

    By Matthew Bouyea
    App has a great design to it. Can’t wait to fix my phone so I can use the app.
  • Way too confusing. Can not measure anything smaller than phone.

    By JavaBeginner
    This app was so terrible it is forcing me to write my first review in 10 years as iPhone owner. I rarely buy apps but, when I do, I expect value. In other words, I expect them to make my life easier in relation to price. There are some free apps out there that don’t work as advertised but, they are free, so no loss of value. However, I have never had a paid app fail to deliver on value as advertised until now. This app does the same thing to tape measures that Common Core did to 5th grade Math. I’ll never use this app because of its complex nature and total reliance on precision from user. The sad thing is that the creators put a lot of time, money and energy into an awful product. Please do not waste your money.
  • Accuracy

    By drnrgizr2
    Measured a book width. From A-B using a tape is 9 1/8 in. Using the phone about 8 1/4. You be the judge.
  • The last update is good

    By جبر الفقير
    The last update is good,The program has become much easier, thanks for the efforts.
  • Love this App

    By Abellsola
    Is super helpful in a great variety of occasions! Recommend it all the way!