Transform with Chris and Heidi

Transform with Chris and Heidi

By Transform Management LLC

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Chris & Heidi Powell, trainers and hosts of the worldwide hit TV show ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ have developed the most complete transformation experience ever created. Now they want to coach you, day-by-day, through your own transformation! Whether you want to lose weight, sculpt a lean & muscular physique, or develop strength & stamina, we have the transformation for you. Each transformation includes: • Individualized meal plan based on your personality, lifestyle, and goal • 3-month to 1-year workout progressions and audio coaching through each workout • Video tutorials and injury modifications for each movement, from our library of 400+ exercises • Weekly Life Lessons & mental coaching • Progress tracking with pictures, weight, and measurements • Automatic troubleshooting & adjustments until you reach your goal • Full Community access • Immediate access to all transformations. When you’re finished with one, start another! TRANSFORM Weight Loss - created by Chris & Heidi Powell - is the same powerful weight loss program they use on their hit TV show: ‘Extreme Weight Loss’. • Bodyweight workout challenges introduced by Chris & Heidi daily • Workouts ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. No equipment or gym necessary! • Progressive cardio ‘Accelerators’ to maximize weight loss results • For sedentary to active individuals TRANSFORM Physique is created with Pro Physiques, one of the most reputable coaching organizations in the competitive physique industry. • Men’s and women’s specific programs, designed to sculpt your body - from cutting down to a shredded physique, to gaining solid muscle and mass • For novice to advanced • For individuals with access to gym equipment TRANSFORM Cross Training is created with Brute Strength, a conglomerate of CrossFit Games athletes and world class strength & conditioning coaches. • Improve strength, power, stamina, endurance, and speed • For novice to advanced • Choose based on equipment available - Bodyweight requires just a pull-up bar and box. Equipped is for those with access to functional training equipment TRANSFORM Nutrition • Our unique technology will adjust every meal specifically to you and your goals • Choose from hundreds of meals from our award-winning chefs, ranging from gourmet to quick prep meals, and even grab n’ go meals – for your lifestyle • Fast food locator and menu guide • Revolutionary technology that auto-adjusts meals and portions if you plateau to get the scale moving again TRANSFORM Progress and Community • Document your entire transformation with weekly pictures, weigh ins and measurements • Chris & Heidi will share powerful Life Lessons with you every week to help create the mindset for lifelong transformation • Access to the entire TRANSFORM community. Connect, share, and transform with friends for motivation, support, and accountability TRANSFORM Subscription Terms and Pricing • The download of TRANSFORM with Chris & Heidi is free of charge, and you will receive your first week of transformation absolutely free of charge also! If you choose to continue with your full custom transformation, your credit card will be charged, based on your subscription selection. • You can select from the following subscriptions: o 1 Month $14.99 $3.45/Wk o 3 Months $38.99 $2.99/Wk o 12 Months $119.99 $2.30/Wk • Prices shown are for United States only. Price of subscription is subject to country of residence. • Subscription automatically renews if it is not cancelled within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription period up to 24 hours prior to the current subscription expiring. It is not possible to cancel an existing in-app subscription. You can disable the automatic renewal function at any time by adjusting your account settings. • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:



  • Need to fix the glitches

    By Ewilson386
    I really enjoy the app. I’m almost through my first week and can already tell a difference in my stomach area. So excited to keep going. Who need you could eat like this and this much and still lose weight. My one problem with the app is how often I have to sign back in!! It makes it really annoying to have to log back in almost every time. It won’t even let me save my log in information. 😬🤔. PLEASE fix the glitches! I will keep using the app but would really love to have this issue fixed!? Thanks!
  • Horrible

    By Floyd helderman
    Even when you cancel the app you still get charged for it monthly. Do not download.
  • Pretty Good App

    By rescue_tech3
    So like any exercise app I was skeptical. The major downfall is adding payment info just to start a trial run. But, I figured if I liked it I would add a subscription. This app has a ton of features! The workouts have been pretty good. I like the variety in exercises each day. One thing in this area I would like to see in future updates would be a way to track weight lifted for each exercise for progress purposes. The nutrition side is very well put together with a lot of good options out there. Only addition to this in future would a macro counter for whatever program a person selects. Overall this is a great app and can really motivate. It has only been a few days but I really like it and plan on subscribing after my trial expires.
  • Good but needs better ability to track weights

    By Wicwbycub
    I enjoy the workouts and the variety that they suggest. Better flexibility to allow how many workouts a week I do would be nice. However the lack of the ability to track how much weight you’re doing for each set is a huge downfall. I cannot always remember what weight I did the last time I did a certain exercise, and don’t enjoy wasting a set or two each time trying to determine the accurate weight. If they had these routines available in something like the BodySpace app so I can better track what I’m doing I’d gladly pay the $15 a month. However until that happens, once my month is over I will be removing this app and going back to BodySpace. PS. Many people use their iPhones and Apple watches to sync their workouts. Time to allow this feature with this app too.
  • Disappointed

    By tdtldavis
    The app is great but trains everybody like your an athlete, 6 day a week intense workouts. No options for menopausal/postmenopausal women. Did the program for 6 months and did not loose weight. The recipes are great and I still use them but it’s very difficult to use the nutrition for weight loss if your not doing the exercise plan. They’re connected assuming when you record your progress that your doing the program as outlined. Although a smart app, it doesn’t take that into consideration. So the adjustments aren’t applicable. I think the Powell’s and they’re team are sincere and really want to help people. But the target audience are those who still have their hormones working in they’re favor. Maybe in the future this could be taken into consideration and options added to address those of us who are in a different stage of life.
  • Best transformation app ever!

    By Rmca328
    If you've been struggling to make a change in the way you eat and exercise then look no further... This is it!!! I've gone to boot camps, tried multiple diets and nothing worked until I found this app! Every week I'm loosing weight and I even have my parents on it who are loosing weight!!!
  • So far disappointed

    By Patty_Morenais
    I literally just downloaded the app into my iPhone 7plus _ and I was excited to get started tomorrow and planned to go to the grocery store today; however the grocery list on the app is completely blank. No shopping list anywhere to be found. So much for paying $40 for three months!
  • Good app, but best for gym members

    By 13.1 miles
    I wish I had realized the workouts aren’t geared toward those of us with free weights working out in the basement. I modify where I can (like dumbbell squats instead of squat machine) but there are many other exercises I can’t do without a machine. It would be better if the workouts were designed around available equipment. The recipes and meal plans are great, and I like that they’re based on individual fitness goals instead of assuming weight loss is the only thing anybody is working for.
  • Worth so much more!

    By nome_dog
    It’s so many apps in one and each part is so well done. I could write a couple pages on why and how much I love it but I’ll just say this...I waited for months to purchase because I’m very frugal and didn’t want to spent the $. Now, 2 weeks in, I’m kicking myself for not starting sooner. Also, in regards to easy canceling, I did the 7 day free trial and put it a certain credit card thinking I wasn’t going to buy the program regardless of whether I liked it. I LOVED it, soon after they had the app on sale so I jumped at the opportunity to buy it for the year. In order to get the sale price I needed to cancel my trial (I was on day 6 of the trial) and buy it again. I didn’t know how to do that so I emailed customer service. They informed me that because I purchased the trial from google play, I had to cancel through them and gave me step by step instructions. It was easy peezy.
  • Needs Improvement but still Worth it

    By wandaworkout
    PLEASE work on making an Apple Watch version! I hate lugging my phone around the gym, I want to be able to look at it without having to stop my workout much to do that. Having it on Apple Watch would be a life saver! The workouts are great but the food options if you don’t want meat or dairy is very limited, for the most part it wants you to have a lot of tofu and protein powder. I try to eat clean and a lot of plant based protein comes from grains and beans which goes against the low carb days. It would be nice if they developed a non-carb cycle meal plan for those who are plant based eaters. It might not be extremely fast weightloss but you can still do it. That said, the price for the workouts is worth it but unfortunate I can’t use the food too.