By George Mills

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-05-19
  • Current Version: 2.0.46
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 41.75 MB
  • Developer: George Mills
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 5
From 57 Ratings


V1Driver is designed to add intelligence to your Valentine One Radar Detector so you can enjoy your Drive. It adds 3 forms of automatic muting (all selectable by Band): 1) By Speed (Savvy Emulation), if you are under the specified speed it will keep the Radar Detector muted. 2) By Time, it will AutoMute after a specified time. 3) By GPS Location, by long term tracking. This tracks hits of the same frequency in the same location spread over several days before considering it for lockout. If a signal later becomes absent it will remove the lock. V1Driver takes the infamous V1 "Arrows" to a new level by displaying the bogeys on a 2 dimensional map. So you can track how close they are before waiting for the arrows to "flip" direction. It has extensive audible options. Including Text-To-Speech of Band and Frequency. Audio can optionally use Hands Free Protocol (a phone call) on your car or motor cycle. This app is compatible with all iPhones and iPads that support iOS 9.0 or greater that include GPS. It will work in any orientation. An active cellular connection is not required. For viewing the map or backing up to the iCloud you will need a Data connection, but that is not required for day to day operation. iPads that do not have Cellular Chips have no GPS chip and will NOT work. This requires a Valentine One Radar Detector that is compatible with Valentine Research's Bluetooth LE Dongle. You should have Valentine Research's V1Connection App (freely available in the App store) operational before purchasing V1Driver. V1Driver will automatically connect to the Valentine One Bluetooth LE Dongle in the background. This feature of watching for the Bluetooth Dongle when away from your car does not use the GPS, uses very little battery and can be disabled if you wish. There is no guarantee V1Driver won't lock out an undesired signal. But it should clean itself up over time if it does. Other features include: - Alert Notifications with "Mute", "Lock" or "Snooze" acknowledgment - Alerts are iWatch compatible - Manual Mute (with automatic unmute from other bands) - K/Laser Snooze feature (for when stuck behind BSM or LEDs) - Live Map showing learning and unlearning process as V1Driver does it's thing - Live Alert status on the Map (strongest threat only, mirrors V1 display) - Compatible with Hardware version of Savvy and still Band selectable - Signal Strength meter with higher resolution than 8 fixed levels. - Rate of Ramp Up on Main threat and each Bogey on the Bogey Map. - iCloud Backup and Restore of your Database and Settings - Two Level Savvy Speed Setting (Startup and Quick Override) with automatic Reset and integrated current Speed - Extensive Data Filtering on the "Pin Map" to closer inspect what V1Driver is doing. - Delete unwanted individual or groups of pins or any "filtered" view directly on the Map. - View detailed information on any collected data point (Pin) from the Map - "2nd Chance" review of Manual Lockouts by allowing user to delete them within 24 hr's before they become permanent - Savvy Warmup feature to allow GPS to get good lock but keep detector quiet in false dense areas (e.g. Parking Garage) - Integrated help on each control throughout the app. - Savvy GPS Learning, it can learn what you set your Savvy Setting to and reapply it on your next trip to the same location. - User Settable GPS Accuracy. - Instant Replay that captures all events in real time all the time and can be played back at any time. - Live Histogram of your signal strength also shown as color intensity on your route on the Map - Support for Ku Band for European Users - Demo mode that uses the "Instant Replay" feature that has Speed, Location, Direction and Alerts, etc. of a real encounter. It will even drop "New Pins" along the route. - Support for "White Areas" these are designated areas like Police stations that you never want to lock out Note: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."



  • V1 on steroids.

    By Jungleland26
    This is a must own app if you are a “driver” and have a valentine one. If George keeps the updates coming, I’ll keep making sure my customers buy this.
  • A must have for V1 owner!

    By Mcse@14921!
    A great complement to V1 radar. Keep up the update coming. Would be nice if we can choose model of our car. Instead of saying “V1 driver” when I get into car I would like it to say “S3 driver!” Make it an in-app purchase for $.99 for custom add on.
  • Makes Valentine 1 the best again

    By HeartDoctor
    V1 is a great radar detector but non-police alerts were becoming intolerable. Valentine updates helped but V1 driver painlessly suppresses most annoying falses without reducing sensitivity. No user intervention is required although there are ample opportunities for tuning settings. If desired a tremendous amount of information is available regarding signals detected. Updates occur several times a year with bug fixes and new features. Clearly a labor of love by the developer. Highly recommended, particularly for urban or suburban driving.
  • Like adding 2nd brain to V1

    By danhamcritic
    This app is a must for motorcyclists using a V1. I no longer have to take a hand off the bars to hit the V1 mute. This app gives you numerous ways to customize auto-muting. I won't ride without it. Best $10 I ever spent.
  • Absolute must-have for Valentine One owners

    By bigern79
    I’m relatively new to the world of radar detectors, but this app made the decision easy for me. This app unlocks capabilities that other detectors charge 2x the price for. The developer clearly has a passion for this and does a great job of providing updates and fixes. I’m looking forward to being a pro V1 user!
  • This turned into a grab the cash and run situation

    By sarelox
    No updates in over 3 months still buggy, I should had known, 10 dollars for an app, Not like franky, he made the best app for Android and he gave it away... All he does is run his mouth on forums. Get off your high horse and update the app
  • Best v1 app for iOS

    By collinpetit
    This application is a must for anyone with an iPhone and valentine v1. GPS lockouts, two display modes. Would not drive without it.
  • A Must For Valentine 1 Owners

    By Funky VooDoo
    Finally a brain for my V-1 detector. With all of the K band radar noise out there these days this app is a must for V1 owners. I wanted my V1 to mute itself after one initial beep. I have found that one beep is all I need to alert me to a new bogey. This app goes way beyond that by not only muting bogeys but also logging physical location and frequency of a bogey. Eventually the app recognizes the same signal at the same physical location and mutes it permanently. My ride to work has become much more quiet. I also like the Bluetooth feature which ties into my car stereo and gives me verbal alerts if I want them. Also the speed sensing is a nice feature. I was also able to program a one beep alert in the free program "v1 connect" by using the mute out of box feature. Once mute out of box was selected for all bands I configured the box in each band so small no signal could get in the box. This produced a nice one beep alert for any new bogey. Even though I got my desired one beep alert with v1 connect I would still recommend buying this app.
  • What happens to the pull down screen from the maps screen

    By Scottvstn
    Did this get lost in a update. I no longer see the pull down screen on the maps menu. That was so important because I only had the green dots on. Now every hit shows up and there are 1600 plus of them. Please fix because by far you have the best program for anyone who owns a V1. Thank you in advance God Bless our Troops and First Responders Scott
  • Great V1 Add on

    By BritDragon
    I have used multiple Valentine 1 extension apps in the past, and I have to say this is the best one. Once you get used to interpreting the display it all makes sense. If you do download this app, I recommend that you go to the developer's website and follow the links for instructions. There are multiple ways to customize it, but it is completely usable without any customization. The fact that it will automatically remember the same false alarms and auto-mute them without your intervention is enough to make the purchase worthwhile. The app seems to continue to have support from the developer, unlike others that I have used. It is well worth the money. I would highly recommend this if you are a Valentine 1 user